12.22.05 - New Songs! and a few from Daniel
Just finished recording some new songs including 4 songs (for the 1st time) from Daniel! We will be recording more songs in the near future, but this should hold you off until then. Enjoy!

Blaster Master: Level 1
Castlevania III: Clockwork
Megaman 2: Metalman
Where's Waldo?: Title
The Legend of Zelda: Level 9

Clockwork and Waldo are re-recordings

Metroid: Kraid's Hideout
Metroid: Norfair
Secret of Mana: Mana Tree
Trojan: Sewer

Kraid's Hideout and Sewer are alternate versions of existing recordings

12.17.05 -And We're Back
Hello, everyone! We've made it back after a long period of doing nothing, as usual. Aside from this site's second major facelift, there are several new features to this site, including new profiles and pictures, a message forum, and most importantly a few new mp3's. We still have much left to record and much more to play too. Here's a list of mp3's new to the site, all performed by Dennis:

Life Force: Stage 4
Life Force: Stage 5
Mega Man 2: Airman
Mega Man 5: Darkman
Rad Racer: Rad Racer
Sim City: Town
Star Fox: Out of this Dimension

Uh... we're still looking for a higher quality piano. But for now, enjoy!

11.6.05 - Musics
Uploaded and linked...and finished up the "Musics" section... so feel free to explore that and download our MP3s. Also going to add more images in the "Peoples" section with photos of our Julian trip yesterday.

10.29.05 - Content
Currently adding links and maybe some more stuff to our profiles... And some of Dennis's latest recordings too... I will try to get the older stuff up as soon as possible.

10.28.05 - New Site
Well... Construction on the new Mario Systems website starts today. Me and Dennis are working on the looks of the site and getting whatever is needed on it... and also adding whatever content we can. We are also going to change servers from VGpiano.com to Minus-world.net